Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Get that chicken outta my house!!!

Guess what Chad just told me; the previous owner of the house had animals living with them. But not just your regular household animals like cats, dogs or fish...try rabbits and chickens...what the "eff". Now I don't feel so bad ripping everything out and starting from scratch. I wondered what that musty scent was every time I walked through the door. When I referred to it as a sty, I didn't mean it literally, but it looks like that's what it really was.


6deans said...

Erika...You need to put a picture of the outside of your new house. Did you already close?

Ashlyn said...

I want to see pics of your new house please show me. i missed you guys this week but i'm glad you guys stayed up there so you could get things situated.

Amy said...

Will you just stay put if I fill your current abode with smelly animals?