Thursday, November 6, 2008

Demolition Day.

Well, yesterday we officially started demo on the ol' money sucker. We ripped up the old wood flooring which resulted in a sprung leak in our radiant heat, but we are hopeful that the leak can be easily repaired. Shame on whoever thought it all right to nail wood floor over radiant heat.
Next to go was the hid-e-ous tile in the entry and kitchen. Thankfully no leaky surprises there.
The best surprise however, didn't come until the demo guy started ripping out the old kitchen appliances. Apparently a little mousy decided to take up residence behind the dishwasher...complete with nest-o-babies and all. It was all I could do not to blow serious chunks when Chad told me this little nugget of info. Consequently, we will be calling out an exterminator STAT. We may also have to rethink our decision to try and salvage the kitchen cabinets. I don't particularly care for mouse droppings in or around where food is eaten and prepared.
Tomorrow will be "ripping out the carpet day", followed by "fix all the holes in the walls day". After that I'm not sure. Hopefully neither day will result in a surprise of the creepy critter kind.
Pictures to come shortly. Check back soon...if you dare.


Emily said...

That is too funny about the mice are going to love the house when you are all done...just remember that it will definatley be worth it...did you close on your other house yet? If so where are you living? EM

Ashlyn said...

i have a question. HOW IN THE WORLD DID YOU GET SALEM TO YOUR NEW HOUSE!? let me know